Часы на заказ


The TRIUMPH watch brand was registered in 2013, although we have experience in the watch business since 1992. At first, we only repaired watches, and by the early 2000s became engaged in the manufacture and assembly. Contacts were signed with the Vitebsk instrument-making plant VPZ in Belarus for the supply of building and Petrodvorets watch factory PCHZ "Rocket” in Russia on the mechanisms for the assembly of watches under the order. Among the customers were various organizations and enterprises, both public and private, ordering watches with their symbols for anniversaries and dates.

Now we are engaged in the assembly of watches for men of extreme professions: military seamen, pilots, polar explorers and travelers, firefighters, etc., and also we accept orders for production of watches with symbolic of the customer. When assembling the watches uses a variety of cases made in the best factories of Hong Kong, and mechanisms exclusively Russian production with quality, time-tested. At the moment we buy mechanisms from Chistopol watch factory "Vostok” well-known in Russia and abroad release of watches "Commander” and direct assembly of watches os carried out in St. Petersburg by the qualified watchmakers.

Our main advantage is that we accept orders of small series from 10 pieces, which are not taken by large manufacturers. All watches are pre-trained and have manufacturer's .